Complaints Procedure



Complaints Process.


  1. Complaints Officer


To enhance the accountability of the complaints management function of DIRE WOLF FINANCIAL SERVICES (PTY) LTD (“DIRE WOLF”) we have appointed Arlene Mulder ( as our Complaints Officer. 
The following responsibilities has been assigned to our Complaints Officer:
  • monitoring social media platforms for complaints;
  • recording and analysing complaints;
  • monitoring resolution process deadlines and ensuring that these are complied with;
  • recording all customer communication that forms part of the resolution process;
  • identify trends and provide regular feedback to senior management (at least at each board/executive committee meeting);
  • thoroughly investigating complaints;
  • regularly liaising in plain language with complainants;
  • recommending (for each complaint) a suitable resolution to the management of DIRE WOLF;
  • providing general and ad hoc management information in respect of complaints received;
  • liaising with the relevant Ombud scheme; and
  • monitoring determinations, publications and guidance issued by any relevant Ombud with a view to identifying failings or risks in our own policies, services, or practices.


    These responsibilities will also form part of the Complaints Officer’s performance reviews.


    1. Lodging a complaint


    Our complaints process is transparent, accessible, and readily available in the form of a brief step by step complaint process available on our company website.
    The published complaint process includes:
    • the type of information required from a complainant;
    • where, how and to whom a complaint and related information must be submitted;
    • expected turnaround times in relation to complaints; and
    • any other relevant responsibilities of a complainant.
    Complaints should preferably be lodged via email to
    Anyone who receives a complaint or becomes aware of a complaint should bring it to the attention of the Complaints Officer immediately and provide the Complaints Officer with as much information relating to the complaint as possible.
    On receipt of a complaint the Complaints Officer will:
    • acknowledge receipt to the complainant straight away (time period extended in certain circumstances to at most 5 days) and advise the customer of further steps that DIRE WOLF will take and expected date of resolution;
    • capture and classify the complaint in the complaint register and keep the register up to date with all developments and activities (register provided in Annexure A); and
    • investigate the complaint further;
    • resolve the complaint immediately if possible;
    • make recommendations for resolution and obtain approval for a compensation or goodwill payment if relevant;
    • revert with findings within 3 weeks from receipt of the complaint; and
    • if the investigation and recommendation processes have not been finalized, advise the customer and provide an expected date of resolution (by latest 3 weeks after receipt of the complaint).
    If the Complaints Officer find a complaint to be unusually complex it will be escalated to a key individual.


    1. Complaint outcomes
    The complaint may either be "rejected" meaning that it has not been upheld and DIRE WOLF regards the complaint as finalised after advising the complainant that it does not intend to take any further action to resolve the complaint or "upheld" meaning that it has been finalised wholly or partially in favour of the complainant and that:
    • the complainant has explicitly accepted that the matter is fully resolved; or
    • it is reasonable for the provider to assume that the complainant has so accepted; and
    • all undertakings made by DIRE WOLF to resolve the complaint have been met or the complainant has explicitly indicated its satisfaction with any arrangements to ensure such undertakings will be met within a time acceptable to the complainant.
    When a complaint is rejected the complainant will be informed and be provided with clear and adequate reasons for the decision, and be provided with the escalation process available, how to use such processes and the relevant time limits.


    1. Escalation process


    Where a complaint could not be resolved to the complainant’s satisfaction by the Complaints Officer the complainant will be advised that they may refer the matter to a Key Individual.
    After the complaint has been escalated and the customer is still not satisfied with the outcome, DIRE WOLF will regard the complaint as being unsatisfactorily resolved. The customer must be advised that he/she may under such circumstances approach the office of the Ombud for Financial Services Providers or take such other steps as may be advised by their legal representatives.


    1. Unresolved complaints


    In instances where DIRE WOLF has not been able to arrive at a resolution within six weeks after having received the complaint, the customer must be advised that he/she may refer the matter to the Ombud, be provided with the Ombud’s contact details and advised that this must be done within a period of six months.
    The Ombud for Financial Services Providers may be contacted as follows:
    Telephone:   +27 12 762 5000 / +27 12 470 9080
    Facsimile:   +27 86 764 1422 / +27 12 348 3447
    E-mail Address:


    1. Complaints about related / associated entities


    We request and review the complaints processes of our product providers and distribution partners as part of our due diligence process.
    The complaints process referred to must:
    • be proportionate to the nature, scale and complexity of their business and risks;
    • be clear on the responsibilities in relation to the handling and reporting of complaints;
    • be appropriate for their business model, policies, services, policyholders, and beneficiaries;
    • act as an enabler of a process where complaints are considered and investigated thoroughly and resolved with due regard to the fair treatment of complainants;
    • not impose unreasonable barriers to complainants; and
    • be fully compliant with the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act (FAIS as well as the Policy Holder Protection Rules (PPR’s).
    Where any complaint received pertains to something out of our control, e.g., product information, product performance, or advice provided by a third-party provider, Dire Wolf will forward the complaint to the party concerned, advise the customer accordingly, and, where possible, facilitate the resolution process.


    1. Record keeping and complaint register


    DIRE WOLF will keep record of the complaint.  This record as well as all related correspondence, evidence, documentation, evidence of losses sustained, and investigations and decisions will be kept for a minimum period of 5 years.
    The complaint register will provide valuable information, as root cause analysis of complaints common to certain categories will enable us to identify failings in control systems, poor staff or service provider performance, skills gaps, or misconduct. The outcome will in turn initiate effective and targeted corrective action.



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